Barclays - BARC

Thanks for that info

Anyone still waiting for dividents??

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Yep still waiting for a few.

My friends get their Divs the old fashioned way by cheque from their broker! And they recieve it 1st thing 31st March Friday!!! The cheque is clearly sent even earlier yet wonder why Freetrade cant pay on time yet by BACS???

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Any update on the Barclays dividend payment should it not have been the 31-3 ?


Still waiting for dividends from Barclays, BP and Imperial Brands Group… But have gotten used to delays in payments from Freetrade

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I just got my BP dividends


5 days now still nothing! Barclays pay them on 31st they said! Takes them 1 sec to transfer onto us yet not even 5 days! Then once recieved them 3 days to get into our banks

I don’t think the process I fully automated. There was also a lot of dividends on the 31st it seems which is maybe why it was slowed down a bit

I also don’t think payments are made with faster payments which is what you’re describing. weekends also don’t count, they’re not business days.

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As i said above other Brokers even send payment by cheque still 2 days before the 31st of March so they recieve it on time! So if all the brokers can send before or on time why should Freetrade recieve it late as im sure if you call Barclays i bet they sag theyve been paid on time!

I didn’t say they were paid late

I’m still waiting for my Barclays payment. I received BP dividend payment late yesterday.

Now 5 days and still no dividend!

Just seen it’s been credited to my balance but no notification via the app or email as yet.

I received mine

Barclays profits hit 12-year high after surge in interest rates

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Hopefully good news for long term SP growth.


£750M share buybacks announced with 20% increase to dividend payout


The share price doesn’t make sense to me, seems way too cheap at the current levels. My only explanation is that the markets are pricing in a big Uk recession which has the potential to hit banks like Barclays hard?

Otherwise keep those divs and buybacks coming Mr Venkat!