Barclays - BARC

Barclays PLC, listed on the LSE, is a global banking provider offering a wide range of products including retail banking, credit cards and wealth management.

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It’s already on the app.

It sure is, yep.

We’re creating threads for all stocks, so we can discuss them even after they’ve been added. We changed the category name to ‘Stock Requests & Discussions’ to reflect this, and we’ll also add [On :freetrade:] onto the title of the post to indicate that it’s available ‘on Freetrade’.

Interestingly, Barclays is in October’s Top 10 Most Popular Buys on the app, coming in at #4.


Why does anyone buy this share ?

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I can think of 13.54 reasons if you want to hear them?


1-2 reasons are enough. Why did you invest before that 13.54% increase?

Ok, I’ll play the game:

  1. Was undervalued.
  2. Pays a decent dividend.

It’s a serious question. Thank you for the answer.

How did you know it was undervalued? Did you use simply wall street?

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ah i thought the site was being spammed - :grinning:

Hello @jakub sorry I didn’t answer this. I thought I did.

I use Simply Wall St, with a mix of, FT and Dividend Max.

I’m looking for companies that pay a good, well covered dividend and that are performing well. At the moment I’m stockpicking from the FTSE 100 because there’s some really high dividend payers that are relatively stable. I’m not worried about Brexit per say as I intend to hold these companies for a while. Any growth hampered by Brexit sentimentality is being negated by good dividends. Even just buying the FTSE 100/350 ETF seems good to me due to the strong dividend, although at present I don’t.

I’m holding, at the moment, the following UK companies for dividends:

  • Antofagasta
  • Aviva
  • Barclays
  • Britvic
  • Glencore
  • Legal & General
  • Lloyds
  • Mondi
  • Royal Mail (Fail)
  • Taylor Wimpey
  • Vodafone

With punts for future growth on:

  • ASOS (bought at £24 ish)
  • Metro (bought under £2)
  • Puretec Health (I must have been drunk)
  • Onesavings Bank (pays an ok Div too)

I’ve also got a few US stocks, major bluechips essentially, but the vast majority of my portfolio is, rather boringly, VWRL and VFEM.

I’ve essentially tried to get a monthly payout from someone to help build my portfolio (plus it satisfies my need to gamble somewhat.)

(This probably isn’t accurate, but it’s close enough, this shows companies I have at least a share in and when their dividend is due, ex div date).

Usual caveats, do your own research etc etc.

Edit…I err…put the list in alphabetical order. :man_facepalming:


@anon810895 totally agree with the undervalued UK. Brexit also is not a worry for me…Lloyds are older than the United States and a lot of the UK companies are 1800’s I think they can handle any Brexit “turmoil”. Looking at L&G, Aviva, Barclays and Standard Life myself. Picked up some more Lloyds last week myself although it was the (LYG:NYSE) cheaper in fees for me.

Edit: It’s not a month later pay date for the NYSE version it’s actually last day of the month

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Barclays have an interesting future ahead. I would say there very much at the leading edge of the game in regards to modern banking. There speed of execution is quite slow, though you might forgive them due to the large customer base. The problem they have is what other banks like RBS might produce with Bò if it ever takes off.

I have a story about Barclays that I’m not 100% sure I can source or if I’m even allowed to share.

Safe to say they are a worried bank that will be defensive facing.

Can’t promise, but should be good as Lloyds was a recent addition.

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Your right it’s last day of the month on NYSE

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Interested to hear if any Barclays investors on here have a target price in mind that they would sell Barclays at?

I think it has increased just because of the rise of GBP.

If they maintain a 10% return on tangible equity then I would see fair value at net tangible asset value per share which is around 275p or a P/E ratio of 10. I’d hold through that but I would only sell if the share price continued going up for no good reason, 300-350p or so.

If they were starting to regularly post a 11% return on tangible equity as they are targeting then add +10% on to those numbers.

As you can imagine I think that Barclays is grossly undervalued at the moment…

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Thanks a lot for this especially, and the entire detailed answer.

DividendMax is a good shout as well.

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Nice :+1:


Not so nice.