Bark Inc 🐶 - BARK

The company is now focused on dogs, devoted to providing products, services, and content for dogs and their owners.

Hi, this SPAC has now changed to the ticker $BARK. Will it be updated?

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There is a lot to like. Subscription revenues are infinitely better than one of transactions, do you what their customer churn is? It can be high for B2C business and is a metric that speaks to the customer loyalty / stickiness.


I don’t know the financials but I do know that dog ownership is on the rise, lockdown has been a major part of that. I think the subscription box is a clever idea and if I had a dog, it’s definitely something I would buy and may well yet sign up to (been considering buying a Corgi for a while now). I guess this was an impulse buy for me with my lack of research!

It looks like there was some sort of merger though and the share price dropped after that, I don’t know if anyone knows what happened?

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Full story:

Only skimmed, but previous reports suggested they have a 95% customer retention rate.

Bark products can be purchased direct, via Amazon, Petco & Target


These guys used to be over 200 bucks a share!!:face_with_diagonal_mouth: