Robinhood Markets Inc - HOOD

Rumours abound that Robinhood are planning to capitalise on the explosion of retail activity by filing for an IPO…

It must be pass and the market cup is huge.

Hopefully Freetrade can follow suit in a few years time. Will be interesting to see what price it opens up at.


Since $HOOD is coming soon, I wonder what’s your opinion on the company? Do you think it will be worth investing?

a lot of bad press and regulatory risks, but in terms of financials it seems a good deal.

At £32bn, the company is valued at 16.0x the revenues (£2bn annualised run rate). I think Coinbase has a valuation of over £50bn with similar amount of revenues.

Any news on how soon is soon? Is it the next hour or two or?

… perhaps not the best start…

Is this working for anyone else yet? Why is it taking so long for it to let me buy?

What’s going on with Freetrade always take ages to release new stocks

Hi @Anthony, welcome to the forum :wave:

Yes, we are monitoring this and will set it live on your app the moment it’s available to us. Any minute now.

Thank you Sam

Amazing, all works. Thank you! :slight_smile:

No worries Pete, and welcome to the forum too! :wave:

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Oh boy, this is going to become one heated thread.

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Don’t buy Straight off WSB are looking to collapse the share price in this to get back at them over the GME and AMC saga.


In it for the ride :cold_face::sunglasses::ninja:

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So hang on. The forum that was so angry about short selling it sent stonks to the moon to get even is now planning to short stocks to get even?? :thinking: No irony there at all.

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Show me one single example of this?

retail really cant short sell much. Maybe puts but borrowing shares not many imo.


More MSM waffle no doubt.