Barrick Gold - GOLD

Recently merged, rising gold price, new mines agreed. Could have great potential and I would like to make the most of its current price

also agree - considering dalio’s recent endorsement of gold stocks and constant warnings of recession - it would be great to see more gold mining / financing stocks on FT.

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Has the March 21 dividend for Barrick Gold been credited to Freetrade accounts yet please ? Tiny amount for me but just starting out so learning at the moment.

There was a dividend paid on the 15th of march but you would have had to have owned the stock on or before the record date (which I think was the 26th of Feb)
If you owned the shares on or before the record date but didn’t get your dividend, then I would suggest contacting support.

Thanks so much for your reply, I will check my purchase date.

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Coincidentally I bought the Barrick Gold shares on 26th Feb !

Is anyone still to recieve the special dividend? I recieved the normal one 2 days ago and both were issued at the same time.

Anyone have any info, is it worth investing at the current price or holding on for a drop?

Now looks like a good entry price imo

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Any idea why dividends for Barrick are always massively delays on FT? Trading 212 paid on the correct date also.

Fyi havent noticed this issue with other stocks just $gold