BBC Licence fee announcement

This is not a political point

Nadine Dorres will not be the one make such a a decision in two years, who knows if this even government will be? It’s a nonsense comment.


Who’s going to pay Gary Lineker’s over inflated salary??? But mind you he did take a pay cut from £1.75 million to £1.36 million.


What ever the decision of the government is, but bbc license fee is an extorsion. collecting fee from millions of families and funding few enterprises and individuals in the name of salary or invoice. it is insane and must stop.


Just ignore the Licensing Letter - They can’t force you to pay

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3 great points

@NeilB yes she won’t be in place but it is only a distraction from some other stories, can’t think what they were, must of been under reported. :rofl:

@Coolsmp this is the problem with the BBC they cut the cheaper news type things then pay extortionate money for a glorified commentator or spend tonnes on game shows or US imported things.

@ravi.ramireddy agree it is stupid and costly to implement the whole license ecosystem. We should go the scandi way and tax people up to X a year. Maybe you start at £20k a year and then the poor don’t pay.

As long as government don’t control it, as they should have no input, then the BBC is a must but not so sure it needs to be so big and have so many avenues.


I am quite happy with the UK system, friends in Germany are telling me that they have to pay 18.36 Euro, even if they don’t have a TV. Not even the radio is free or youtube. Every household has to pay this, with some exceptions for poorer households or younger people in full time education.


No complaints with there being a proper review of how the BBC is funded as long as it’s more nuanced than the ‘Gary Lineker gets how much’ straw man argument.


// Start of instructions //

Now is the time to talk about this. You must all talk about this, to friends, family and colleagues.

Television panel shows, chat shows, newspaper column writers, opinion pieces - everything must be directed to talk about this.

This is the government sanctioned topic of the week. Stop talking about alcohol fuelled Downing Street parties whilst people were dying and saying goodbye to their families on iPads.

Thank you for your compliance.

// End of instructions //


I recon a lot of people who want it scrapped haven’t considered what would replace it.

As mentioned by @cggb1978 , you have no choice in Germany. Australia is the same it was replaced with a hidden tax.

A tax solves the problem but I think creates a new one in that it makes funding completely beholden to the government that’s in power. I don’t think that’s what people want with the BBC.

At the same time just as an example I don’t pay a tv license as I don’t watch tv. But I do use the bbc news website. The BBC have no legal way of collecting any reasonable fee from me for using their services. I think it’s an archaic system that’s not fix for purpose, but it doesn’t need scrapped it needs reimagined (for lack of a better word).

I wouldn’t mind paying a few pounds a month for bbc news, but currently they can’t offer me that.

(If it’s a public service I do think some of the wages are ridiculous, but that’s probably a different subject) maybe they need a public broadcasting arm and a comercial arm?


Works out at £13.91 a month.
The channels available on Freeview is amazingly superior compared with many EU member state, the US, or in Chile. There are some excellent exceptions like Germany,
and France.
I’ve travelled a bit, and only then did I really appreciate the deal we get on freeview.

BBC has a commercial broadcasting arm. The sell BBC World, ex-BBC Prime, BBC Amercia and many others around the world. Additionally, BBC1&2 are transmitted in Benelux, and in Scandinavian countries. Did you every wonder why their English was so good? :slight_smile:


The BBC is the envy of the world and we should be as proud of it as we are the NGS. Neither are perfect and neither should be above checks and balances.


I did wonder why everyone in Benelux can say “Stupid boy pike” & “Mange tout Rodney, Mange tout” with perfect delivery! :joy:

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But this isn’t a strawman, as there are many many people on massive wages that simply could be done by people at the beginning of careers or accept a normal wage rather than paying this premium. MOTD is fine when GL is off same as some news shows don’t need premium wages to read a script.

Similar as when we send all these expensive crews all over the world by planes to highlight climate issues when we could just pay local people to film it etc. Sir David could narrate from his home town.

BBC always says we need to cut local news rather than the big wages. The BBC is a great platform for celebs to make a name for themselves and if they want to leave for bigger money then great as there is an endless production line of people who would do the job for what is still a huge wage.

I don’t see why we don’t do the Scandi model as it is too expensive for young/poor/old people. I’d happily pay more now than when I was 16-23 struggling on my own in my flat with all these new bills in life.

I don’t really use the BBC much but it is worth keeping independent and paid for by tax but god we could save a lot of money from the strawmen arguments. :rofl:

But as @CashCow says this is all a diversion and probably not even going to happen. :man_facepalming:

Don’t forget the BBC shop where Americans and Canadians can buy their favourite memeoriabia!

(Funded by UK licence payers)

Profits go to the Gary Lineker Fund

I am surprised to learn that people still watch tv.

In millions. Audience figures 27 Dec 2021 - 02 Jan 2022

1 HAPPY NEW YEAR LIVE! (FRI 23:59) BBC 1 (inc HD) BBC 10,109,621
2 THE TOURIST (SAT 21:02) BBC 1 (inc HD) BBC 8,694,349
3 CALL THE MIDWIFE (SUN 19:59) BBC 1 (inc HD) BBC 7,369,639
4 THE TOURIST (SUN 21:01) BBC 1 (inc HD) BBC 7,120,092
5 BBC NEWS AT SIX (TUE 18:00) BBC 1 (inc HD) BBC 5,414,298
6 BBC NEWS AT SIX (THU 18:00) BBC 1 (inc HD) BBC 5,308,251
7 CORONATION STREET (MON 21:04) ITV/Breakfast Total ITV 5,236,178

Half of those things are on Netflix, you don’t need a TV license for it.

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Irrelevant. Point is people do watch TV.

And yes you do need a TV licence to watch Netflix. UK Law.

EDIT for future readers: The statement about licence for Netflix is wrong. But the original point about people watching TV (which is what the whole point of the audience figures referenced is, is correct).

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