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How can I find out if Freetrade facilitates buying shares in the Nationwide Building Society and the John Lewis Partnership? I funded a similar commission-free trading platform only to discover that it does not have the Nationwide Building Society nor the John Lewis Partnership.
How can I find out if Freetrade provides for these before I fund my account ?
Would be grateful for comments. Thank you.

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Neither of those organisations are publicly traded, so you will not be able to buy shares in them on any platform.


Thanks TradeRunner. On the HargreavesLansdowne website it has this:
Nationwide Building Society 7.859% Perp Int Bearing Shs Tranch 2

Sell:£115.00 Buy:£145.00 No change *

Market closed | Prices as at close on 2 July 2021 | Turn on streaming prices

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Hi TradeRunner just discovered that they are not dealt online, they are dealt by phone through a broker. Thank you for your help. Regards.


That’s a permanent interest bearing share, a type of bond used by building societies. It’s not the same thing as a share in a company


The John Lewis Partnership is a private company run on a co-operative basis where the employees own shares in the company which cannot be sold on the stock market. Employee ‘partners’ benefit from dividends. The Partnership is owned by a trust after Spendan Lewis transferred ownership for the benefit of the workforce in the 1950s.


What are you ‘somewhat peeved’ at ?


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Perhaps somewhat peeved at not doing their own research before getting all frustrated.
I would have thought that a quick Google of [company name] share price would only take a few seconds and preempt such annoyance. What do I know, though? I’m just an idiot with a keyboard.


It’s very easy to find this information…

Go to Freetrade’s website:

Hover over Stocks

Then click on Stock list

Scroll down a little or click on View our stock list

Or Google search “Freetrade stocks” and it’s the first result.

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