Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society

A good way to bank

As a modern mutual we should be modern in everything we do. So, we’re updating our logo and how we look. But not what makes us different.

Unlike banks, we’re not owned by shareholders. We’re owned by our members. Which means we always focus on what’s best for them.

You can’t buy shares in nationwide.


As @Roger says, Nationwide is a mutual organisation with no shareholders, therefore no shares available to buy.

Research, research, research, even at a basic level.

Each year they pay their members, this year it is £100.

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@bendystick The only daft questions are the ones you don’t ask!

Keep asking away, it’s the best way to learn :slight_smile:


You may be able to get exposure via debt rather than equity. I’ve seen coporate bonds offered by Nationwide before.

It’s a whole other kettle of fish though.

No they don’t.
I have had bank account with them for many years.
This year is only the second time I have received a payment (last year being the previous)
It is a product of higher interest rates IE a bigger spread between what they borrow at (in the case of your bank account zero percent) and what they lend at (considerably more nowadays)
PS I have voted for it. I will be filling my boots if they demutualise!!

I have been a member for over 20 years.

Last year I got nothing. I didnt have a mortgage or a savings account with a £100 balance on 31st March 2023.

There are particular terms.

I still don’t have a mortgage or a savings account but this year I am entitled as they have changed the qualifying terms.

So its not that straight forward for all.

A very good place to bank though…never paid a penny to them in charges for anything.


Paying £500 in and taking it out 2 seconds later is one.
Paying into an 8% savings account is another.
I have savings accounts in at a guess 7 building societies.
A £1 month by standing order into savings account. That way you get any long term member deals.

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My £100 ‘fairer share’ payment was received this morning :blush:


Yes, same here :smiley:

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Same. Thank you Nationwide.
Put it straight to work added 47 LGEN

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Supplied financial help to nearby public houses.