Benjamin Graham‘s 10 rules of value investing 🤔

Hey guys, just read the above great post on Medium. I was wondering does anyone know of a tool that displays the stats listed under ‘Benjamin Graham‘s 10 rules of value investing’ for every single stock? :face_with_monocle:.

If not, it would be great to have such a feature inside the Freetrade app itself :sweat_smile:.

What do you guys think?


Having it within the App is a bad idea. It will imply that those only stocks are great and buy-only. Let people make their own decisions and, if needed, refer to Graham’s opinions.

For that reason I suggest using - just add your filters such as PE<10, etc.

Let us know if that helps


Ah yeah makes complete sense, and having such a feature would almost being like “giving advice” which as a broker you’re obviously not allowed to do :ok_hand:.

Thanks for the link, I’ll definitely check it out :+1:.

Since Freetrade are planning to provide an API, I’m hopeful that this is the sort of thing that a 3rd party developer could build into an app for Freetrade users to use.

Obviously there’s lots of different methods for analysing / picking stocks & each will only appeal to a subset of users. So it wouldn’t make sense to try to cater for every approach in the app. But in theory, the API would enable unlimited analytics tools to be built, to cater for every need..


Can’t wait for an API to be launched! Would be amazing! I already have a few ideas of how to use it :heart_eyes:.