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Revolution Acceleration Acquisition Corp

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Berkshire grey designs, and builds artificial intelligence (AI) powered robotics and fulfillment centres/warehouses automation for retail, e-commerce, grocery, post and parcels. The company offers 2021 to 2025 revenue CAGR of 99%

2021 proj. $59M rev. / 69%
2022 proj. $119M rev. / 102%

Berkshire grey enterprise $2.23B

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Berkshire Grey leads in recieving USA patents beating Desktop metal and Velo3d — two of the most innovative companies in the world.


Desktop metal filled 191 applications
Berkshire grey filled 120 applications
Velo3d filled 91 applications

Berkshire grey 58 patents
Desktop metal 48 patents
Velo3d 48 patents

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There an interesting company, I’ve voted, though Desktop Metal and Velo3D are a different industry.


Desktop metal and Velo3d automate the 3D printing and the manufacturing process. Berkshire Grey automates the material handling, sorting and storage systems/machineries. All three companies play in the systems automation sector

Berkshire Grey CEO:“All of that software gets combined, which is shown on the left on this slide. Gets combined with patented and differentiated hardware of our own creation in the middle pane to create standardized product modules, those modules then in the far right pane, get deployed as we form solutions for customers. Way to think of it is software, which is very special proprietary trade secret, combined with patented hardware, and we have at least 72 patents that have issued through. We filed more than 300 patent filings, software gets combined with differentiated hardware, standardized product modules.”

Source: Revolution Acceleration Acquisition Corp (RAAC) - FORM 425 | Filing of certain prospectuses and communications in connection with business combination transactions Stock Market Insights | Seeking Alpha

“There’s this enormous white space where there isn’t automation today,” says Tom Wagner, the company’s founder and CEO, whose 4.69 million shares would now be worth nearly $50 million. “The work that we automate exists today. This isn’t a hypothetical future.”

Today Berkshire Grey officially listed on the Nasdaq.

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Can this get any worse :man_facepalming:

Anyone know why this tanked so fast …?