Churchill Capital Corp IV (CCIV)

Lucid Motors rumor according to Bloomberg:

Finally pumped. In since start

Think lots of Tesla buyers will get into this today as it’s so cheap in comparison.

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CCIV… Very new to investing and need some info guidance… If the deal between CCIV and Lucid is agreed do I get shares pre ipo in Lucid if I’ve invested in CCIV? Would the stock price in Churchill increase if the deal gets approved? SPACs are something new to me. Any guidance would be appreciated

SPACs avoid the need for an IPO as they’re already public. If you’re in already at the merger don’t worry, the ticker would just change on FT and your shares would become shares of lucid.

Look up spacs on investopedia or reddit before investing

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Crazy day yesterday, invested in this as if it is Lucid, which seems a strong possibility, then you could triple your investment very quickly.

agreed but if it is not true then it will come down to very low as this rumour resulted this to pop from $11 to this level. looks like a bet to me rather than investment at the moment although i could be wrong here due to what is happening in overall SPAC space

True, don’t put your life savings in! Although the volume of trades suggests the rumours are true, and if doesn’t happen another company should eventually merge with CCIV.

It looks like it been confirmed to me.

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