Berkshire Hathaway - BRK.B

The share price on freetrade hadn’t updated since the 9th June but updated today.

Are the analysts for Berkshire Hathaway’s price targets on drugs or have they slipped with the decimal place? Surely having price targets this high is an error, else we would all throw everything we had at it?


Who makes the analysis ratings and estimates for FT and what basis do they make their assessments?

Asking for a friend.

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I’d guess those are actually the analyst price targets for the other class of Berkshire stock, BRKA, which is famously quite pricey.

Thanks Rod. That makes sense. BRKA is at 469,992.78 usd and the price targets are around the 500,000 mark. I’ll let FT know that this looks like an error.

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FT support say “Unfortunately this issue related to a bug that our engineers have identified and are currently working with our Third Party provider to resolve. Deepest apologies for any inconvenience this is causing.”

Thank you for figuring that one out @rod

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