New blog post: Four companies with sky-high share prices and why they're so expensive


Even in the age of $1,500 Amazon, there are companies where owning a single share shows some investing clout. Here’s some of the why and how.

Are you guys for neat, low, liquid prices or do you like the thrill of a 4 (or more) figure share price?


I never knew Berkshire Hathaway had :b:️ shares… news outlets & peers have been fixated on the :a:️ share price.

P.S. I’m an Arsenal fan so COYG :grinning:

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Once Freetrade is out - the share price entry will essentially be irrelevant, which is a great thing.

If I want 0.0017 of BRK.A, I will get it, so that if anyone asks me, I can always say that I own BRK.A without specifying the exact amount! :grin:


Doesn’t that mean Freetrade will have to buy 1 whole share of BRK.A to sub divide internally? Unless partial shares work in some other way?

(Vladislav Kozub) #5

Well… Fellows, let’s all get a bit of BRK.A so Freetrade can afford it!

Disclaimer: this is not a genuine investment recommendation that you must follow


Hold on doesn’t matter. They don’t have BRK.A on the list, even BRK.B is not in the day 1 sheet, source:

@freetrade_team Let’s assume like 250 of us wanted to buy into BRK.A. Would you support it? Just for PR :wink:

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US stocks are to be intrudiced with ISA shortly after the release, probably within a few months, so let’s hold to it.

There is one person on Robinhood who owns BRK.A. We will get there one day!


We can top this as a crowd. 2500 at £100? or 25000 at £10? Think it could get coverage.

(Vladislav Kozub) #9

Maybe have a BRK.A tax at Freetrade? Want to invest? Keep BRK.A as 1% of your holdings!


I cannot take the comments in that thread seriously :joy: They’re talking about buying the dip when Warren Buffet passes away :weary: On a serious note, I have read that the company is succession planning which will be a big moment for the organisation…

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Investing Reddit Law Number One: Never take WallStreetBets seriously. Every little bit of it in its entirety is just pernicious and untrustworthy.

(Viktor) #12

We would look into it. :wink:


Also I think it’s only right & proper to blogpost the other end of the share price spectrum next…


Can’t me in for a bit of BRK.A. A very small bit :slight_smile: