Best oil company/ETF available on Freetrade to invest in now?

Oil prices collapsed to under $10 then hit nearly $1. What are the best stocks available on Freetrade to take advantage of this?

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That is the May contract price of WTI. The spot price is still around $20/$21 as are the June contracts. So you arent going to pick up an ETF/ETC at $1.

Have a look at Wisdom Tree ETF CRUD


Yes well I don’t intend to open an account with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and deliver the oil physically from Cushing, Oklahoma to an oil storage place. What I’m asking is, based on the sentiment and news, which are the best stocks on freetrade available atm which would be a good investment?

None at the moment given that oil is in a downward trend. Brent not hit as hard but still an oversupply.