Best platform to buy and hold crypto

I have just started with crypto and am using a BRD wallet and their iOS app. It seems fairly straight forward so far and had a good write up on ( You purchase through coinify.

Any thoughts on this welcomed as I am learning all the time but in my opinion seems worth consideration.

I would agree. They’ve upped their game in the past couple of years and now support faster payments in GBP.

My biggest gripe with Coinbase is their customer service. It is practically non existent. If you have any kind of problem on the platform then you are stuffed. This includes having your account randomly suspended etc. There are a whole host of horror stories on reddit.

I’m currently doing Pi. Referred by a friend. Can’t share a public link on the forum I think

Is the PChain your talking about?

No, it’s not PChain.
It’s Pi Network

Ofc what bank do people use to fund their accounts? I’ve seen a few stories with Monzo and about Starling freezing accounts from buying crypto. They don’t explicitly say you can’t just that there’s obviously a fraud trigger point.

Would I be ok with my Lloyds or should I setup a Revolut to buy with as they shouldn’t be too worried about their customers buying/selling crypto.

Also as a beginner what’s the best platform to use? Would you still hold them yourself? I registered on coinbase years and years ago but never bought :roll_eyes: edit: just checked and it’s still active!

Another question is do you still go with bitcoin or look at other coins like BCH or LTC that are still recovering?

What’s your investment thesis for buying and holding cryptos? (not a snarky question I promise)

Personally I am looking to use it as a bit of a hedge from my overall portfolio. Not looking for a massive position, probably circa 5%

I think long term there will be crypto appreciation, driven by the continuous inflation in FIAT. Just my opinion, I am probably wrong


I think if you do a bank transfer you should be ok. I believe it is also cheaper vs buying directly through debit/credit!

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Absolutely. Get a Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet and transfer them off of Coinbase or whatever platform you’re using.

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Quite new to this, what is the average cost of these offline wallets? Any tips?

About £70. Not too expensive if you’re holding a fair amount of crypto.

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Hi @mjk97. I didn’t realise that some platforms paid interest on bitcoin. Do you have any resources that you could recommend for me to learn more about this?

Edit: if is the site that you are using, then maybe not. It looks really scummy at first glance.

crypto dot com , they pay upto 14% interest on stablecoins and less on btc, eth, xrpc. I hold my crypto there and am very happy with it. And you own the keys to your wallet storing your crypto with them.

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