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Thats because they dont have distribution here. One they do the price will come down


Agreed that they are currently overpriced, however I think this will come down (I mean it has to for them to stay competitive).
In terms of health: “ When it comes to choosing between a Beyond Burger and a real meat patty, the nutritionists agreed that the veggie burger was the healthier choice. ”
Note that this does not mean they are healthy as you pointed out but again vs. actual Beef they have the upper hand (I think this is important as it’s a like for like comparison not an absolute one).


I’m not sure they will get loads cheaper in the short term, they were similar prices in Cali a couple of years ago. Obviously our food is very cheap in the UK so they seem more expensive here in comparison, for a US market the prices are more reasonable.

Ignore people saying they don’t taste good, they are pretty good. I know a lot of people prefer Impossible but they are both v good.

Regarding health there has been an incredible amount spent on smear articles trying to create a perception that they are somehow less healthy than meat because of ‘chemicals’ (guess the origin of this funding).

All that said, Beyond Meat as a company is still expensive


“Literally had a Beyond Burger last night and could not distinguish between a real burger” you must be used to eating cheap burgers!

They will improve for sure and worth trying. Planted,, does some interesting chicken.

But my earlier point about energy, is why get beans, peas and everything else and process them, just eat them as they are with some herbs and spices.

As to health, they are supposed to be healthier than meat but less healthy than just eating the peas and beans as they were. Well that’s what I read, I’m not a nutritionist.

But beans don’t taste like meat. Meat tastes much better, but I don’t want to eat animals. What’s the solution? Exactly. Your argument is not working here. I, personally, like it very much and haven’t had a meat burger since they launched.


More like I don’t eat enough burgers to be able to distinguish between one I’ve eaten today vs one I ate a month ago.

I hear your point eating the vegetables as they are instead of processing them into something else and I do agree with it. However I think the ‘fake’ meat industry is coming at it from a point where they are saying to the consumer look you don’t need to change your habits but you can ‘make the world a better place’ (that’s marketing not me saying that of course😅).
It’s basically the same as saying have an electric car instead of an internal combustion engine when the best alternative in reality is to walk if you get me?


I’ve tried pretty much every meat-free burger readily available in the UK and the Beyond burger was the most expensive and tasted worse than almost all the others. Just as one example Co-op’s GRO burgers are £1 each and were better, so I don’t really see how they can compete. There is essentially no moat around this market regardless of what their PR machine says (actually its worse than that because you already have “all natural” brands like Meatless that can sell over the more processed ones). What might become more differentiated products are the high end heme-based patties like Impossible’s and lab-grown meat


I’m afraid I couldn’t disagree more @dk1 . I believe we can’t judge it only by our taste, cause in this case, I’ve also tried almost all plant-based burguer available in the UK market and Beyond Burguer is by far the best among them all for me. So for me it justifies paying more for what I believe is the best product in the category.


Any clever people know why BYND is rallying?

Wall Street bets seem to be pumping it thinking they can produce a short squeeze.

The McPlant has a Beyond Meat Patty. Feels like an exciting deal with Beyond and a long awaited plant based burger option. BBC News - McDonald’s plant burger launch late to vegan party


Holly shoot dose any one know what is happening with beyond meat plz?

They said Q4 will be worse than expected.

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FT News briefing podcast covered the beyond meat short positions today. Time stamp 08:33

Around 42% of the stock has now been declared short.


I find that quite odd tbh. Products in McDonald’s and Starbucks throughout the UK. KFC trials in US (YUM! brand also say they want the plant based alternative I all there restaurants). Seems to be quite a lot of deals being made :thinking:


Today has been great I’m up £6.88 from when I got them :smiley: keep eating your vegetables!

This feels like a short squeeze in the making. I’ve dipped my toe in the water with a smaller entry amount than I ordinarily would and a bit less research than usual on the basis that I anticipate it will happen at some stage so I may as well give myself a chance to get into the action.

In terms of the longer term Beyond Meat seem well positioned in a market which should continue to soar, so I’ll look into them more closely in the coming months to decide if I’ll leave it at a punt or if I’m going to build up my holding.


Does anyone have some good veggie burger news? I’m beginning to think I should just cut my losses with this one.

I hear the McPlant is very good :man_shrugging:t4: only a matter of time time before beyond meat are in every fast food restaurant in the UK

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Share price has risen $7 in the past couple of days. They’ve blamed Covid for reducing their point of sale opportunities - which does make a lot of sense given that they’re partnered with KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds to name just three - and in terms of physical retail (the packs of meat), people who order online tend to stick to what they know.

Additionally as it’s one of the most heavily shorted stocks, there is always the potential for a short squeeze as shorters sense the tide turning and wish to maximise their profits, sparking a rush.

Break-even price for me is $50 and if it dips below $40 I’ll be open to averaging down a little more. I think the 2020-2021 peaks of nearly $200 a share were premature and poor 2021 financials won’t help the price rise to those heights quickly, but IMO this will be hovering between two and three figures before too long.

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