Industrifonden and AB InBev

Potential Beyond Meat style leap but in oat milk

Hey :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
No idea where the connection to Beyond Meat or oats is, since these are venture capital / beer companies, but Ab Inbev is already on the app and industrifonden is not public so can’t be invested in.

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Its Oatly he’s talking about, which is definitely on the up.

Oatly is owned by Verlinvest, China Resources, Industrifonden, Östersjöstiftelsen, the founders of the company and the employees.

Not investable, unless you fancy working for them.

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Hi Seb, sorry I found AB InBev just afterwards. The oat thing is that I’ve been trying to find companies that make oat milk as I thought they might take off a little like Beyond Meat has done - take a look here:

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Sounds like I’ll have to wait till they launch then.

The biggest european producer is probably Danone. Their alpro brand has oatmilk and other alternative milk drinks. But that’s just a small fraction of their business.