Oatly - OTLY

Will this be added?


Theres no set date for the IPO, so no one knows

anyway love me some expensive oat milk, especially the barista version… mmm so velvety


Someone should point out to them that it’s not milk. It’s oat flavoured water.


Well, technically milk is also just cow-flavoured water :smiley:


Saw the FT article and just loved how on brand for 2021 this is. From the Jay Z investment to the sales 25x multiple for a beverage company. Love it.

Also going to use this opportunity to state that Oatly is the best dairy free milk.


plant based alternatives are the future :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Think they are aware of the anti plant based movement but generally dont care as there is plenty of money to be made. The plant based market has only recently entered peoples radar, it has plenty of space to grow still


Careful what you wish for. It’ll be a very sad day when there are no animals in the fields that make our green and pleasant land. DYOR as they say.

Good luck with your investment.

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Yes, a very sad day it would be to see fewer animals in captivity being abused for milk to the brink of the possible.

I’d hazard a prediction that almost no one will be drinking cow’s milk in 50 years time.


As I am not a baby cow, then I have no need for cows milk, neither does anyone else. Take 5 minutes and got onto Youtube and search Dairy is scary, then tell me how sad it will be to see no cows in the field (which they rarely get to do - that’s marketing for you)


Let’s please remember this is a forum for discussion of the stock and not peoples dietary preferences or moral persuasions.


People’s dietary preferences are very literally what determines the success of this company though. :man_shrugging:


I think you are smart enough to know what I mean, as such I shant take your bait and we’ll allow discussion of the stock to take affect.

Edit:I like the product and the stock

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Great brand. Great products.

Would be an awesome investment from 2015/16 onwards to get a chance to realise some gains now.

Sooooo simple to make your own plant milks, (I do buy oatly & whoever else is on offer with no added sugar). Takes 1 minute to make your own, will not be as tasty but still… blended Oats, Spring Water and a dash of Vanilla.

Plant milks were pretty huge in 2014 across some of the states, not too sure what the patent is for plant milks but competition is fierce. UK ironically took a real long time to adopt plant milks. Especially since Oat milk has been drunk for centuries.

If they can completely dominate the retail industry then this is a slow and steady long term grower. I’d rather be the investor from 2015/16 and cash out - rather than buying the IPO though.


As someone working for another vegan food company with share options from early on, I would love this valuation!! 25x revenue does seem high but that doesn’t mean much these days it seems!

I’m allergic to dairy products so love a bit of oat milk :sweat_smile:

But at a $10B…not for me


Valuation is absurd


Im looking forward to this IPO. Starbucks just announced partnership with OATLY.

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As a long term vegan I love Oatly especially as it’s easy to get out and about in London but Good Hemp is my favorite.


Given their deals with Starbucks and McDonald’s, they look like they’ve got good financial direction for the near future. Would be nice to have it listed on FT to have the option. Having watched coinbase yesterday, may not want to get on at the IPO though!