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Sure, personally when I invest, I like to look at the general performance of the company but also how frequent I interact with the company / brand(s). As I thinking owning shares in something you believe in & use on a daily, weekly, monthly basis is quite exciting.


Bump for InBev

I would love to invest in beer with the summer comming :slight_smile:

Can we relook at ab inbev
We have been on belgian stock exchange for over a year if not two years and its biggest company is not available only an adr via nyse

Same for asml? Has anyone looked at this why can’t we buy the euro stock on the dutch exchange and are stuck with the adr…

Freetrade hasn’t been able to build its technology straight into the Euronext group of exchanges. This affects Paris & Madrid (plus others I can’t remember)

Yes it’s a tax thing but this concerns asml (Amsterdam) and inbev (brussels) where they are present but instead we have to take the american adr.

Oh the Belgium exchange is very much available, what a puzzle. It might be a historic thing that predates euro stocks.

Might be one for @EmilieGauthier or @acamp to flag with the execution team for an answer.