Budweiser APAC IPO

What would have been the world’s biggest IPO so far this year was just cancelled, as AB InBev, the owners of Budweiser APAC which sells 50 brands in Asia decided not to lower the share price after a lukewarm reception from investors :woman_shrugging:

They would have gone public in Hong Kong.

A banker involved in the deal said that it was the size of the listing, not the share price that caused the cancellation. But the FT included that detail at the end of the article which often means that they’re skeptical about it.

Apparently this’ll cause questions to be asked about whether trying to IPO outside the US makes sense.

Hopefully you’ll be able to read the story in the FT & not get caught by the paywall, by clicking through from this link:


If the link doesn’t work, try Googling “AB InBev’s pulled IPO points to heady price tag” or just “Budweiser APAC” for more details about the story.


That feels a bit misleading as AB Inbev has been listed for ages. The IPO was planned only for their Budweiser business line as far as I can tell from the article.

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Thanks, I’ve updated the post to make that clearer.

It reminds me when Yum split to make Yum China. Looks like they would of only floated their Asia sector