Blackrock Frontiers Investment Trust - BRFI

Great dividends, 4-5%.
Growing markets.
Seen some pull back recently so opportunity to buy in.
Good growth potential for the long term.

Looks useful for diversification. Political risk looks high?

Country %
Indonesia 14.7%
United Arab Emirates 10.6%
Thailand 9.5%
Vietnam 9.0%
Egypt 8.9%
Argentina 6.7%
Malaysia 6.4%
Kazakhstan 6.0%
Philippines 5.1%

“The Company’s investment objective is to achieve long term capital growth by investing in companies domiciled or listed in, or exercising the predominant part of their economic activity in, less developed countries. These countries (the “Frontiers Universe”) are any country which is neither part of the MSCI World Index of developed markets nor one of the eight largest countries by market capitalisation in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index as at 1 April 2018: being Brazil, China, India, Korea, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and Taiwan.”

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