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Yep not buying more. Just holding the bag until next year summer then I’ll reassess.

Time to buy more guys, come on.

Sooner you buy, the slower it gets to zero.

Fashion is cyclical and fickle. See Top shop.

This is done IMO.

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Time to load up, the stock that keeps on giving

Giving what exactly?




I’m just 62% down :face_holding_back_tears:

Better than waiting till zero

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SHEIN has destroyed BooHoo so I would cash out before it hits ZERO


After a recent, review, here’s why I’ve sold out:

  • The company doesn’t have a significant moat or pricing power. There isn’t the sort of brand loyalty with Boohoo that comes with the likes of Nike or Under Armour. Online reviews of Boohoo are not full of loyal zealots.
  • Boohoo has strong competition from the likes of Asos, Shein and H&M, but it doesn’t have better margins or anything to suggest it’s a superior company.
  • CEO John Lyttle joined Boohoo in 2019 and has since seen the share price rise to 412p during the peak of covid, before dropping down to 35p. After a £91m loss, the board approved a bonus of 100% of his salary – this just smacks of reward for failure and poor corporate governance. Given John’s Lyttle’s experience in Primark, a high street retailer, I don’t see how that’s going to be a major differentiator when building an e-commerce retailer.
    Boohoo boss takes home £650,000 bonus despite retailer sinking into a loss | The Independent
  • The shares are near an all time low and yet there’s little insider trading or buying back stock. If the executive team really believe the turnaround story, why aren’t they buying?
  • Boohoo has had a historical high P/E (as high as a P/E of 54 at times!)
  • Debt has grown from £534m to £825m in a single year. Debt to equity is around 80%. We’re talking lots of debt in an area of high interest rates!
  • The company’s recent trading update focused on efficiency and scalability of the US infrastructure, with the build out of Boohoo distribution centres. However there are little signs of success and conquering the US market won’t be easy. The majority of Boohoo’s revenue comes from the UK, which is particularly friendly to fast fashion (Celtic & Co.).
  • The company is losing money at the moment due to high inflation, weaker consumer demand and issues with returns. Profitability may be on the horizon, but I doubt see a quick high positive cash flow turnaround likely.

Over the next 5 years, I see little chance of Boohoo hitting the 300p or 400p mark, a doubling or halving of the current share price is more realistic.


Great breakdown Peter, and despite being a shareholder I agree & should have got out sooner.

Maybe time to cut the losses and reinvest what little is left!


Fantastic post @AlwaysLearning

Thanks Neil/Matty,
Unfortunately I’m taking a loss on this one as I was bit naive when buying it, but sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and move on!

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I thought my post was as equally informative :rofl::rofl:

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100% agree, this was one of my first investments, Down 85% and no longer believe in this company. After not investing since 2021 and seeing it decline more and more. Sold today rather than continue to see it slide any lower and deploying my capital elsewhere. An expensive lesson but one with hopefully minimal inpact, with an investment time horizon of 30 years.

BooHoo by name BooHoo by nature.

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Fast fashion: Boohoo breaks promises on ethical overhaul Fast fashion: Boohoo breaks promises on ethical overhaul - BBC News

Buying opportunity today me thinks

In this case bad news has not affected the share price. No one too bothered about being ethical if it is cheaper for the company.

With fraiser group buying up boohoo shares, what would it mean to fellow investors if there was a take over