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Already knew this. Long way ahead before we even think of £1 boo.

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Starting to consider cutting my losses. If the results in May are bad I’m out, there’s other stocks with better risk/reward out there like Alphabet.


Also, from a customer perspective; charging for returns is a terrible move.

Companies that do that? I only order from as a last resort. I cannot justify £7.99 returns or whatever, in a cost of living crisis.

It’s a stupid move tbh.


Where are my bag holders at :joy: this is one of lifes greatest lessons for me i dont think I’ll ever forget buying boohoo.

Are you holding? Did you cut your losses? Are you buying more??

I count myself very lucky. I bought shares when they were 50p and held them for a bit, then for whatever reason I started getting very uncomfortable so I sold them when they were 60p and made a modest profit. After that the share price just came tumbling down.

If it’s any consolation though, I’ve had other disasters where I’ve lost quite a lot of money. It just so happens BooHoo isn’t one of them…

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I’m just holding this one for years now hoping to get my money back. £1.16 average that I’ve been sat on since forever.

Got my average down to 104 from 260 . Must admit it feels like throwing money in the bin but staying optimistic

Anyone buying today?

Bought a few more average now £1.0197 . Will stop when I’m under a £1

Where is the expectation for growth and improvement after 2 years of share price decline?

Surley in fashion something is popular for a time (especially in lockdown) and then becomes old news and out of fashion?

Why would it suddenly pick up again?

Don’t understand the logic in buying. Other than maybe sunk cost bias, which seems like the road to ruin.

Love to learn more about the appeal.

Anyone burning money today?

I might be mad in thinking but his expansion in usa his cotton farm and his make-up are some of the things I am hoping will drive the price to around a pound. So my logic was to get my initial average from £2.60 To below £1 and at the least get my money back cause I can’t see it going any higher or anywhere neat £2.60

Sounds mad tbh.

Not that im an expert.

So you want it to x3 from here after a 2 year track record of falls?

Averaging down to this extent is a recipe for disaster IMO.

Not advice, just playing devils advocate to maybe help you see the wood from the trees.

Wish you well, whatever you decide :slightly_smiling_face:


1000% There are much better investments out there.

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We’ve entered a decade of wearing the same clothes for 5-10 years :sweat_smile: The younger generation are calling it the 90’s look.

The youth continue to revolt.

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I already rock that look. Majority working from home via Teams has enabled me to live like a hermit and save a fortune on clothes, petrol and (not) nipping to tesco for meal deals.


My girlfriend straight up said to my face two days ago that she simply can not see me wearing the same T-shirts & clothes from 2015 anymore like enough is enough she stated she loves me still but if I do not buy new clothes like YESTERDAY then she’ll intervene and that this has gone so far beyond hilarious haha.

I’m seeing many gen Z out there realising clothes make ZERO influence on what really matters for genuine happiness.

Couple that with the introduction of item return fees and ever increasing return fees you’ve got a recipe for a tough lower end clothing market.

Though if I were to buy into a fashion business it would hands down be aimed at the high end part of the market as those people NEED to compete with each other to outclass & show off and get those professional gigs so they’ll ALWAYS be spending large.

Seeing the prices now of low end fast fashion it can’t even be called fast fashion now as hardly anybody will be paying 3 times the cost for the same throwaway clothing. They’ll just wear what they have until it disintegrates haha.

2019 cargo trousers £17.99
2023 cargo trousers £42.99

Gen Z’s response = ffffff uuuuu (((((( k oooo ffff


Gen Z here, just got some graphic shirts from BOO, they’re actually sick. My average is still £1.16, I haven’t bought any stock since late 2022 and don’t plan to average down until I review tomorrows earnings. Expecting massive amount of debt taken out and no FCF on balance. I’ll be surprised if debt is not 4-6x last years FCF This one will take years to get back to £1. I’m glad I put my money in GOOGL and META instead.

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results for the 12 months ended 28 February 2023

Yep not buying more. Just holding the bag until next year summer then I’ll reassess.