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Depends on what they agreed to. For example, Boohoo acquired Burton, and ASOS acquired Topman from Arcadia.

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I told you guys, instead of expanding they should focus on customer loyalty in the UK. I really wish I hadn’t invested in BOO but I was new to the stock market last year. I’m going to hold till 50p as I’ve said 100x. I’m glad I waited. I’ve been warning that the movement upward since the earnings release was a dead cat bounce and that most of you investors don’t realise how bad those earnings were :slight_smile: hope at least one of you listened. I went from assuming £1.50 as fair value for BOO now I have it set at 60p. Unfortunately my average is way higher than that.


I haven’t touched this since mid December. Like you I was waiting for 50p. Said so a few times above.

I still don’t get why you didn’t sell to buy again now, unless you were not entirely convinced.

See, if I believed it would have crashed like this then I would have sold and moved on, or sold with a view to buy again later.


Because I can’t time the market or predict the future, but I can plan according to what I think could happen. In my case I’ve been building up cash (sitting on 15%). Also I see better buying opportunities in AAPL GOOGL and KLAC at the moment so I want to allocate my cash there, had I spent it on BOO I would be stuck and feel like I had to keep buying to average down. BOO was one of my very first investments and back then I was very oblivious to valuing companies. I don’t want to average down on BOO unless I know that any purchase I make would bring my average down significantly, so its best for me to wait for the market to react then have cash ready. I believe in BOO, but I only believe they’ll do well during easy monetary policy. I’m praying that if we go into recession, its a short one, because a company like this wouldn’t be able to withstand it in my opinion. I’m sure insiders will not be purchasing any time soon either. Wishing the best of luck for you, especially Ozbourne Foreman, as much as he’s saying the money he has isn’t money he currently needs, he clearly will be affected if this investment doesn’t go his way.


That’s fine, I just wanted to confirm because you sounded like you were saying you could further up in the thread. And then posting like you had prescient insight which I could do with in this market :blush:

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Nice rise today

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Yes I’m 15% up on my Boohoo shares (acquired yesterday) :sunglasses:. Makes me glad to be alive - until I look at every other bloody share in my portfolio!


Bottom ?

Don’t think so. Still a bit of room to go. I think we could reach 50p hence why I haven’t been averaging down.

New RNS today showing a new party has picked up 4.59% of the shares.

Still no insider buys. I’ll wait a bit longer.

Its a hedge fund which also owns 10% of ASOS