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Hopefully the beginning of lowering inflation but can’t see this recovering to pandemic levels soon. Unfortunately think I’m going to be holding for a couple of years at least. One to forget for a while.


This stock will take years to get back to my original entry price of £1.80, thank god my average is £1.23

35p is a good price to get avg down more. My avg is about 90p now i think

The revolution beauty moves a few months ago is still baffling. What are the Kamanis up to?

I’m going to have a dabble at this price I think. Question is: what do the hedge fund mangers know that I don’t know? Everything, I guess. But maybe worth a few quid….

Just remember the direction of Peacocks, New Look, Forever 21, Topshop… the list is long.

Surely there’s a solid brand out there right now trading at a good value. Something higher end.

SHEIN to Boohoo is Binance to FTX

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