Burberry 🧥 - BRBY

Well right now luxary has taken a beating, there hasn’t been much orders and that’s just because the way the world is right now as China struggles etc, when the engines start properly turning I expect all the luxary brands to pick back up again.

So yes right now anyone buying is getting a heavy discount to what it was we shall see though, I think the earnings will take a beating but so has a lot of other company’s.

Least it doing better than HE1 :))

Hi again @Kiava nice to hear from you again hope your Christmas is going well. Yes I like this Company I’ve been onboard for a while now and my Holding are growing quite nicely and they are sitting at a good price.
All the best for the New Year :+1:

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Heya happy Xmas to you :), and a happy new year when it comes. I’m not sure what or how much I’m allowed to say about said company. I have never experienced the insider knowlage role.

I don’t work for Burberry but I know exactly what they order along with other brands like hermes etc so I can tell how the company I work for does vs orders from them and combine it with the share price. The fact though that this has happened for centuries shows it always comes back.

Its just a glitch in the matrix haha

Hi All just received my Dividend payment and it was a good one,
I have been filling my trolley with BURBERRY Shares throughout last year and thay paid me back big time, I do like this Company :blush:

Unfortunately, you must have lost money on this over the course of the year irrespective of dividend, Burberry been nothing but on a downward trend

I’ve just started a position in Burberry and intend to build it while the shares are relatively low.

Profits are down because their main market China is struggling at the moment. However the fundamentals are strong (high cash low debt) so they will recover over time,

As Coolsmp has said loving a share that has lost 48% over the last year is an interesting one!

I’m guessing you’re not a Dec invester then. :).
Let’s be honest it’s not like Burberry are going bankrupt any time soon they have time to recover and assuming you have faith in the business you have an opportunity to buy at a discount.

I assume you mean dividend investor? You’re correct im not I don’t care about dividends as I don’t need the income it’s all about total return.

People get too hung up on dividends, yea they are a nice to have but I wouldn’t buy a share that has no positive outlook just because it has a nice dividend.

There are verious forces at play here across the Global Markets, China’s struggling economy is a major factor as they are one of the main markets for BBRY. The high interest rate and fluctuating currencies is also having an impact on things, This Company is not going bankrupt anytime soon with an excellent balance sheet coupled with minimal Dept the shares will
Rebound without a doubt in my mind as I have said, I like this Company and am happy to continue to invest in them. You pick your Horse, and take your chances.
I go long on most of my Holdings and whilst I may lose money in the short term as @Coolsmp pointed out it comes out good in the long run.
Intrestingly enough their are up this very morning
So there you go

Oh dear still some way to go but we are getting there. I think at these levels Burberry is a good investment, it will recover eventually.

I follow some guys on YT that started a position on BRBY.
You can see their video bellow, commenting on the earnings call. I personally don’t have a position with BRBY.

I’ve just bought another chunk of these this morning. It’s still my snallest holding by far but I will definetely continue to buy at these prices. Did you know at these prices the dividend yield is higher than Lloyds?

Will be if they maintain it…

Looks like a nice end to the week anyway.
From what I can remember Burberry is a cash rich business so I wouldn’t worry about the dividend disappearing. You never know we might even see some buy backs

Ok looks like I was wrong here. I can see lower profit than last year (£468m) and lower free cash flow. Also a marked increase in net debt. Looks like the 400m buy back was not the best use of funds. They have kept the dividend though which is good.
Now in my opinion is a good time to buy into Burberry buy them when they are cheap and ride the profits I say. There’s no reason why in the next year or so we can’t hit 20 per share again

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Oh dear price drop again. I’m piling in with this one. Roll on the 42p dividend