Burford Capital - BUR 🏢

One of the first public litigation finance companies in the world.

Their strategy appears to be incredibly profitable, helped by the fact that a lot of their employees are ex-litigators themselves.

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Burford is a must, needs to be there asap

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Great news! BUR has been added to the app today :slight_smile:

Burford alleges market manipulation ahead of ‘short attack’

There’s a good article in the FT here, if you have a way of getting around a paywall

Announced they will change their finance chief and stock down 6% today. Still trading at a massive discount to a few weeks ago, could be a buying opportunity for the risk takers.

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Will be interesting when they release earnings results in March. I have a small holding which I bought when they dipped, hoping to hold for a long spell and see them bounce back.

US lawsuit dropped.
On the way up :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I don’t hold, but they were my stock pick in the community competition

Just gotta nab those trade spoofers and then hopefully it’ll come back into the positives for the year :crossed_fingers:

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What a day…first -10% then recovering back to normal. I wish FT could offer limit order to get some benefits of such intra day drama. I still have to rely on HL for such cases like today I was able to add more at lower level by using limit order…

Thoughts on current price?

It’s a great price if you have the guts and believe that they are massively undervalued. Earnings report is due 24th March and one would assume they are not going to be great due to the MW fiasco?

Me…I had some spare cash from dividends paid so picked up a few…

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Could be some better times ahead for Burford? Also potential listing in the USA. AGM Wednesday.
Fingers crossed.