Burford Capital Ltd BUR

This specialised finance firm provides financing to lawyers and their clients engaged in litigation and other legal activities.

What everyone’s thought on this now - it’s all seemed to calm down?

It seems there’s it much interest in Burford here. It’s been a rollercoaster ride with this one. After the MW debacle and the covid years when most legal cases ground to halt Burford SP didn’t move to much but now with the Peterson case ruling suddenly things look different.
For all the LTH it’s been great news. There’s still plenty of headroom here to imho. We won’t see any money from the Peterson case for a good while yet but I’m already 30% up. Adding more when I can too. This is a long term hold for me.
Remember, always do your own research. Goodluck


LTH would be short for Long Term Holder.

The last few weeks has been good for us long termers. Hopefully the markets now take this stock a lot more serious. This could already be illustrated by the continued increase in SP followings the release of the good news regarding their litigation case against the Argentine Government.
I understand that there are some large sums of settlement money involved and there is talk of a special sizeable dividend for us shareholders.
But I can’t help but ask the question what leverage is available to get the Argentinians to actually pay. Or could they could delay any payments in the hope it will go away.
Comments please.


Shares suspended.
Shares up 20% prior to suspension.
Must be an announcement on the cards.
I really don’t like to assume anything but with a 20% hike maybe good news.
Watch this space.

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Still suspended here in the U.K. but trading in US late on Friday. It’s fallen back from a high of £13.75 and may fall a little further once reopened for U.K. trading but the trajectory is up. Exciting times.

Nice post Chrismas boost this morning.
As yet cannot find any news.