Buy stock from freetrade is not real time? SOLVED

Hi ,
I buy stock when price was less (665$) but purchase order showing next day in my account day price (which is higher rate) with higher price (682$) .

so my query is , buy share on freetrade is not real time ?


If you ordered out of hours it buys at a set time a couple hours after opening so the price will be different. :+1: Maybe this is your issue?

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Thanks , Is this UK hours (9:00AM - 05:00PM) we need to buy ?


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As @Dermside says above :+1: If outside those hours when you place the order there will be a note of the time the order will actually be placed and the same goes for US shares but different times obviously.

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Also, look at the spread (won’t be that big of a difference, but will by why it’s a few p/£/$) difference to what you “buy” at)

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I’m not promoting it but from personal experience can recommend upgrading your account to “plus” which costs 9.99 per month and this more than makes up (for me anyway), for the gains from being able to state best prices to buy/sell when the market reaches them automatically. Lots more benefits such as access to certain shares too. It might suit you, hope it helps.