Shares more than asking price

I bought shares at asking price at 0.81 but ended up paying 0.83. ok I understand freetrade can not guarantee buy price but it seems to be the same on every share I buy never less.

Anyone know what going on please.

Prices are indicative and always delayed in the app by up to 15 mins. There’s nothing more to it really, they go out to market and get you the best price available.

If you let us know what share it is, someone will probably be able to investigate and tell you what happened

Where do you see the asking price? Most apps show one of the following; bid/mid/offer and don’t make it clear which one they are showing.

Instant buy straght forward really.

I understand all that and that
Freetrade buy at the best price available but it always seems to be more not less than the asking price on freetrade.

Tirupati Graphite is the stock I’m referring too but most of the time it’s always more.

The price on Freetrade isn’t the asking price, normally it’s delayed or the last traded price. This could be where someone sold, ‘know as giving the bid’ and might help explain why you think you’re paying higher than the perceived offer. Use something like Google Finance to see a live price just before you trade, but do bear in mind even Google Finance doesn’t indicate if it’s the live bid, mid or offer so it isn’t a perfect solution, it will however help. Also last thing to bear in mind on some of the smaller less liquid stocks the difference between the bid and offer (the price at which you can sell and buy) is quite wide.


It’s always difficult with small market cap stocks with low liquidity - it was quite volatile all day, regularly jumping up and down by around 2%. Looks like you unfortunately pressed buy when it went up by just over 2% vs what you were expecting.

Here is the 1 minute graph for the day for example:

-avoid delayed prices, by looking for real time price sources e.g Hargreaves Lansdown, IG trading. Loads of free ones…
-Use limit orders, so the system buys or sells your shares, at a stated price. (on Freetrade, this is for free trade plus members)

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Worth mentioning that real time prices while near real time are still considered indicative.


Even then it’s hard to buy on Freetrade I was watching the price of ARB by the minute on “Trading View” app even though it was 1.08 I set a limit buy for 1.09 it wouldn’t trigger, so I bought small instant order amount at 1.08 on Freetrade and it went through at 1.19!! WTF… I know it’s volatile but that was no way near it’s live trading price. The limit buy still hasn’t triggered and I’ve seen it jump from as low 1.00 to 1.15 … Any tips on buying volatile stocks like this? Not had a problem before but 99% of my stocks are long term.


Tip: tread with extreme caution if buying volatile stocks on a platform that doesn’t offer life pricing or a price commitment before you hit the buy button.

That’s all there is too it really; that stock has gone wild in the last few days, price swings are to be expected both up and down


ARB has been as high as 130 today and hasn’t been under 109 much at all today, if it was yesterday before 2:15 there was a reasonably large amount of time for it to execute. But the difference between the bit and ask price is also quite large which may contribute to why it wasn’t buying.

If your buying long term in reality the price doesn’t matter as much.

You can check the price against LSE 119 probably is right

Please read about bid/offer. The live price you’re referring too could be the bid/mid/offer and most websites don’t specify this information. FT will get you the best available price every time and if they can’t they reject your trade.

Freetrade app really pissing me off today, followed the price of ARB all day today, after pulling everything out, I bought back in low with a small amount to test the sell & buy, none of the limit buy’s I put in worked, yet clearly the live price was reached, then I tested a limit sell at 1.30 and it sold fine at 1.33 but when I tried an instant sell with the price much stable at 1.30 it sells at 1.20! thats a huge difference, checking the live price online it was no where near that. I wish Freetrade was much clearer with it’s bid/offer price it’s absolutely useless for these types of trades.I shan’t bother again.

I’m not sure what the goal is buying and selling at such low changes in price?

You’d need to give more detail or the trades, time, number of shares, amount etc.

The price for ARB has been fluctuating between 97.4p and 145p today with the current price down around 112p

Freetrade isn’t for day trading


That’s exactly what I mean @Boonmish no where near. Nothing is perfect✅ thanks

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Exactly what I meant, I just bought a stock advertising as 5.19, it goes through at 5.32, that to me a huge difference, the stock jumped to 5.25 about 15 mins later I would expect that to be its price but FT always seems to find higher than average price to buy at. I’d rather see the price I will actually buy at before committing to it, ie why can’t the app say best price at the moment yes/no ? I know the time delay makes it difficult but surely it can be more transparent what you will actually pay per share?

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