Over Charge

Hello, can someone please help
I bought some shares this morning that were at 0.40 freetrade charged me 0.46 the shares has not even reached that price ever as yet. Because i spent around £200 i was immediately negative £20 but I am just worried that if this was alot of money freetrade would charge me incorrect prices and the loss would be big and freetrade would just say stock price fluctuates. But the stock has never even reached that price. Can someone help explain this please. Thank you

P.s. new to stocks so plz refrain from saying nasty things. :slight_smile:

Hi Kirran, any chance you can share which stock it was that you bought?

If it was a small cap stock it would probably be the spread (difference between the buy price and sell price). I’m not sure what price is displayed on freetrade but I think it’s either the mid price or the sell price.

I think it would be good for freetrade to include some information about the spread because it can be quite alarming when you’re not expecting it.

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Freetrade doesn’t currently offer live pricing. I would guess that you were seeing out-of-date pricing and not using a limit order. A limit order means it won’t execute until a certain price is reached.

The above is based on assumptions, but you haven’t really told us much. You’re complaining, but without giving us all of the details. Did you use an instant or limit order? What was the stock? At what time exactly was it bought?

If the price didn’t ever reach the price you claim you paid, you wouldn’t have been charged it, as :freetrade: doesn’t charge a trading fee. Thus, you almost certainly were charged the price of the stock at the second the order was executed. Keep in mind that this price can change every few seconds (or more frequently) and often does between the time you press the button to send the order and the order executing.