Buying bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with British pounds (GBP)

Yeah, now there is charge for limit orders.

Yes that’s fine, there’s no rules around referral links at the moment. Please just make it clear that, that’s what the link is & if you could mention what each person receives too, that’d be great :raised_hands:

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Here is my referral link to Bitpanda, for which we’ll both receive €10.

Terms and Conditions

The verification process is a little weird. I chose IDNow for the passport ID video call:

To receive the €10 bonus you need to trade €10 on your Bitpanda account, either by depositing and purchasing a cryptocurrency or by transferring existing cryptocurrency and selling on their platform.

I also have a Coinbase referral (for which I earn $10 of XLM) where you can earn XLM, DAI, EOS and BAT free of charge, enough perhaps to transfer to Bitpanda to meet the referral trading requirement:

If you choose to deposit there is a minimum deposit requirement of €25 but also a minimum withdrawal amount of €25. Your initial deposit incurs a small transaction charge. If you plan to purchase and transfer the minimum of €10 and then withdraw your remaining funds including the bonus, I highly recommend you deposit €30. Otherwise you will be unable to withdraw your balance and bonus until you have made another €25 deposit, incurring another transaction charge.

There’s also an upcoming Airdrop for Bitpanda users:

Also, I highly recommend downloading Blockchain wallet and getting verified: Blockchain | Get Free Crypto

They’re scaling down the recent XLM giveaway but another Airdrop is due soon.

For existing Coinbase members (new members are better off joining via a referral), earn $14 of DAI:

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I started investing since December and it’s ok as at now with help from this forum
I jumped into Coinbase without knowing a thing with only 10 pounds anyway but got some free stocks by performing some easy tasks too.
The thing is I don’t have a clue what it is .
Can anyone throw some light on it for me please .
It looks like gambling to me .
I may be wrong just my novice thinking

The discussions in here would be helpful.