Buying bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies with British pounds (GBP)


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Ethereum Classic (ETC) incoming :soon:


@Diversify Cool, thanks. What do you think about Ethereum Classic?


There’s a nasty scam in that Tweet thread by third parties with usernames etc that are similar to the original poster. Seems like people are falling for it as well.


I’ve no real affinity for ETC tbh but have been holding it on Abra since Coinbase confirmed they’d be adding support for it. Will dump it as soon as I’ve made a decent return (nothing major as the amount I’m speculating with is nominal) as will many more I imagine. I’d draw the analogy of it being what BCH is to BTC but with less controversy.

Also, unfortunately the scams are common in the crypto twittersphere so just ignore those.


We’ve also taken major strides towards our goal of making Coinbase the most trusted and compliant brand in the space. These steps include obtaining an e-money license for our fiat operations from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), adding support for the Faster Payment Scheme, and becoming the first cryptocurrency trading platform to obtain a bank account with a major UK bank.

Inspired by the blogpost (emphasis mine), @freetrade_cal are these strides that Freetrade have made, are making, or even need to make, too? (I should probably know this already, but I’ve forgotten).

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Hey Theo, hope this will partly help:

(Alex Sherwood) #8

It’s here(ish) :tada:

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Anyone actually managed to do this yet? Seems they’re rolling out gradually. I don’t have the option for a UK linked account yet.

(Danny Jeremiah) #10

No I’ve been checking a couple of times a day and no luck yet.


Just done it now, waiting for the funds to make their way to their UK Barclays account.

If it’s enabled on your account, the Deposit button under Accounts > GBP Wallet > Deposit will be enabled and clickable.


Yeah mine’s there too. Though I dunno if I’ll be buying any more cryptos for a while.


We have received your deposit of £… on August 09, 2018 and funded your Coinbase account.

That was quick.


Poll: Crypto asset storage :bank:
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More interesting news from Coinbase, I know the hardcore crypto fans probably won’t like this but it’s good to have more ways to access cryptocurrencies in my opinion :smile: