Can anybody elaborate on some quick questions

As an earlier post I’m looking to put In some substantial money but then I just read the 25k limit order for us.

I was looking into some amazon and aapl stock however does that mean if I have trades worth over 25k to profit from I won’t be able to complete this trade?

For instance I invest in some amazon shares.

Shares net me profit of 30k

I can’t sell these shares I’m confused? That’s a huge hindrance if so

What if I lost let’s say 200k because of this reason. Unless I’m confused thst may be a hinderance.

Would I just have to make fractional shares sales e.g

0.001 or something ridiculous?

Or basic sell orders for 0.01 if it was a higher price I was selling st?

Just sell shares worth less than 25k multiple times. I don’t really see the issue?!

To sell 30k you would have to do it in two transactions. This would take less than a minute each so hardly a hinderance at all

Let’s say 1 share = 30k

Thata means I can’t sell 1 share I’d lose 5k a share because there’s 25k limit

So I’d have to sell fractional shares right?

E.g 0.75 of a share for 25k? 0.25 remaining to resell yes?

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I’m not aware of any such high priced share being on the app. But yeah, just sell a fraction and then the rest.

It looks like it

or 0.5 plus 0.5

Edit: I missed the bit where you suggest you would lose 5k. Sorry bout that. You lose nothing. You wouldn’t lose 5k in a 30k share because you sold 25k worth of it. You would sell 25k worth of a share and keep 5k worth of a share that you could then sell. The 25k limit is per trade. Yes you would have to sell fractionals.

If you find a share over 25k in the app then I’d suggest freetrade need to increase the limit. But I’m not aware of any

didn’t see this post but and just mentioned it in another thread I think this is a bug in the app while this may never happen it’s still a bug in the fractional shares sell order they have the limit set per share not on the value of the trade!

Guys this needs sorted out ASAP then

Let’s say amazon hits 30k a share in 3 years

We would lose tonnes of money doing this if its limit per share not per fractional

I think you’re missing the point.

If a share increases in value so much in a few years time, you still wouldn’t miss out.

Berkshire hathaway a shares (not on freetrade) are valued at $385,000 per individual share. IF they were in freetrade, then you’d need to buy fractions of a share valued up to $25k.

If you got to holding one whole share buy making multiple transactions then if you wanted to sell, you’d sell fractions of a share in $25k increments. You’d still hold the other fractions of a share so you’re not losing out.

Yes it’s a faff for very large transactions but I’m unfortunately I think it would effect a small proportion of current freetrade users while the company expands and adds to the functionality of the app. Probably low priority to change at the moment.

Does that make it clearer?


No it doesn’t because I think you’re missing the point.

Like the forums user above me alluded to and I’ve just doubl checked

You can’t sell a fraction of a share at 25k

You can only sell a fraction of a whole share at 25k

You can’t sell 0.001 at a fraction of a share it simply doesn’t allow it or 0.1 at 25k

You can only sell a fraction of a share at 0.1 for 1,783.000r

Basically 17 hundred pound

That is not how it should work there is a huge bug in place and needs looked at ASAP

I am willing to be corrected with some photographic evidence otherwise

So basically if a share become 30,000

You would have to 1 share at 25k

And the remainder of the fractional share at 5k.

I can’t physically do that.

I can’t set a fractional share of say 0.1 at 25k it doesn’t allow me

The user above me pointed that out and after double checking he is correct it’s bugged

You can only do a fractional share of 25k

So 0.1 is 1700 remainder

You might be worrying about something that is not able to happen currently, or likely to happen at any point over the next few years.

If a share rises to above 25000 dollars, then your holding is not affected. Its only your ability to sell in chunks greater than 25000 that becomes a faff.

I’ll try to show you what I mean…

If a share goes to 30,000 you will still have 1 share worth 30,000. The fact freetrade aren’t able to currently settle transactions in excess of 25000, has no bearing whatsoever on the share you hold. How will it become 1 share plus a fraction?


Amazon are not going to be a $10 trillion company in the next 3 years are they?

You’re worrying over absolutely nothing. Nothing on FT is going to come close to $25,000 a share any time soon.

If a share was $26,000, you’d be able to sell $25,000 in one transaction by effectively selling 0.96 shares, and $1,000 in the second by effectively selling 0.04 shares. You’ll miss out on nothing and this could be done in less than a minute.


Sorry, hard to follow your example

Why do you care if there are no shares even close to 25k usd limit?

If you own a share that you buy at 20k usd per share and it goes up to 30k usd - there are no fractionals involved at all.

You will be owning one share at a price of 30k usd and will be able to close your positions in chunks smaller than the 25k usd limit.


The 25k limit is on transactions on Freetrade not the value of the share. So a 30k share will still be 30K not 25K + 5K as others have said. Also

For interests’ sake, what’s the most expensive share we can find on Freetrade at the moment?


Amazon is definitely up there. Not sure if anyone else can find another to beat it. I haven’t looked very hard :wink:

$AMZN is at $3150 a share currently.

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I assume they’d eventually do a share split at some point. Even if it did reach $30k, in my advancing years I must admit I’m struggling to understand the issue here.

Absolutely. I would think a company like amazon would split long before that. Tesla did last year wasn’t it so they could ride the sweet spot.

Not all companies do though, look at Berkshire Hathaway A shares. They sell for over $300,000 :grimacing:

Hopefully everyone’s messages have helped the first posters question.

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