Sell limit only some shares

When setting a sell limit why can’t I also set how many shares I want to sell at that price?
Am I missing something somewhere?

Also, why no trailing stop loss? :frowning:

You can only set it for a whole number of shares, and you can only use the shares for one limit order, so if they’re already in your stop loss, they won’t be available for your limit sell.

Needs changing ideally to a limit/stop. Agree about the trailing stop too, that would be great.


That is what I want though. I have 300 shares of something. I wish to sell 10 of them when the price reaches my limit.

The interface is only asking me for my limit price giving the impression I can only sell all my shares.
I’ll admit I haven’t tried continuing as I don’t want to accidentally set one for all my shares so if its on the next screen and I’m just being a noob let me know :slight_smile:

When you set a sell limit, first it will ask you what price per share you want to sell at. Once you’ve entered that price and clicked Continue, it then asks you how many shares you want to sell - you can enter a number here, or do a Sell all.

There is always the chance to review your order before creating the sell limit so you shouldn’t accidently sell all your shares! :slight_smile:

If you change your mind, you can always cancel a sell limit too.

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It’s on the next screen! I did the same

And it’s Triggered Order you need to select for fractional shares.

Makes me feel better I’m not the only one!

Thanks all :slight_smile:

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“Limit price must be within 200% of the latest price”

Bit lame. Especially when Freetrade’s prices aren’t regularly updated.
Starting to feel like Plus was a waste of money :frowning:

Use a triggered order