Trying to sell with trigger limit, but it is not triggered!

It’s been a good amount of time at or above the limit I have set with a VERY active stock,
Freetrade’s price is stuck on a price from a LONG time ago, the kind of price updates you get from free services around the internet (and they even get faster updates)

What is going on with this app? can I not trust it to sell when I ask it to?
If I can’t trust it for trading what’s the point in using it…

What’s the stock and price?


Nvidia, i tried to sell at 330.5 - it was there for a good while a few minutes ago and it didn’t trigger.
I just had to give up and sell with instant because it already started to drop later to 329-328

The buy price touched 330 but the sell price was a tad lower. Freetrade shows the mid so you can’t expect to sell right at the shown price, need to look up the spread if you’re trying to sell large amounts.


So I can’t understand, how can I know the price I can sell my stock with live data? I have another system I use that shows live data changes to the buying price

Set the price you’re happy to sell at and go about your day without sitting wasting your time watching the stock every second?

Either you want to sell at a specific price or you don’t surely?


Price is now over 331… may’ve been worth leaving your limit on and trusting FT to do their thing. Just saying

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How do you expect me to go about my day if I can’t trust freetrade to execute at my asked price… I have 0 visibility to live data

Sure maybe I could have, but there was no way for me to track it on the Freetrade app, the price updates are non existent almost… how do I know if it works? I can’t, I have my live data and I see it’s not doing what it should be, I see the stale data in Freetrade. Am I just supposed to pray and hope it works somehow or lose my money?

There needs to be a matching buyer for the amount and price you want for your shares and FT can’t jump a queue if there are others. What you sound like you want would be better off going to a day trading platform. :+1:

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@gubla1 this is a classical mistake that some people make. The so called “live data” that you see doesn’t mean anything (so to speak - you have no idea who has asked for or offered that price). Freetrade has to use market makers and there need to be counter parties for the transaction to happen. This is no a direct transaction between a seller and a buyer (this is a transaction that is occurring via an exchange mechanism). Moreover, Freetrade gets several quotes for the transaction and they will choose the best for you taking into account the liquidity (and several other) arrangements. You might think that a stock is liquid but you have no guarantee that it is - Freetrade tries to make sure it hooks you up on that specific transaction. It will change the market makers, for example, depending on the liquidity level and number of shares.

You are not seeing “stale data” from Freetrade. You are seeing an indicative price that is not guaranteed. More or less nobody will guarantee you that price unless you do a one to one direct trade. When you put in a trigger you will get the triggered price (and often better). You did not get the triggered price most likely because nobody was willing to do the deal for that price and number of shares you wanted to sell.

There are many nuances here and I have not described them all.

But let me summarise: you are fooling yourself with so called live data.


Be glad you couldn’t panic sell at 328 as the price seems to have gone up since then. If you’re panicking that its not selling at 330 (which it can only do if someone is willing to buy your shares at 330), then maybe you should have set your sell price lower?

Theres no such thing as live data (as mentioned), and the platform isn’t for day trading. On top of that id argue there’s no reason to track the price on freetrade in the first place. Why are you tracking prices that closely? You cant time the market, you certainly cant time the market with freetrade.


Not what you asked but Nvidia go ex dividend later this week so holding until then might have been a better idea to claim that payout later in the month.

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That’s what Market makers are for, to provide liquidity. If every trade needed to find an exact match the stock market would grind to a halt. There should be no liquidity issues with a stock as big as NVDA.

However it’s possible the bid never went above 330.5 in the period you were watching. it only went above that briefly at the end of the day yesterday

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