Limit Buys not triggering

I’m trying to understand how the limit buys work on freetrade. I’ve had serval stocks now where the price displayed on freetrade and Yahoo are both below the buy price.

I understand that ft is 15 minutes behind and only triggers if it can complete the full order, but the price has been held below my buy price for a while now. It doesn’t make sense.


The ask price was £0.9 about 30mins ago (looking at your time stamp in the screenshot).

Do read up on ask vs bid vs mid price if you haven’t done so already.

The problem is probably that there just happens not to be anyone who wants to sell their shares on the open market at that price. I think this is a thinly-traded stock, i.e. there are relatively few buyers and sellers in the market for these shares. Looking at the London Stock Exchange website ( just now, the last five trades have all been ‘off-book’ trades, meaning deals made directly between two parties rather than through the exchange. The prices of those trades are reported to the stock exchange (prices ranging from 89.13 to 89.95), which sets the ‘market price’, but the parties transacted directly with each other and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they would have been willing to sell to you at the same price.

If you really want to buy, you may have to adjust your price to attract a seller. Market makers will buy and sell almost anything as long as the price is right, but there is never a guarantee that someone will sell their shares to you at the last known transaction price.

Thanks, couldn’t find on webull so had no idea what the ask price is or what limit sells are in place. Attempted an instant order but it was rejected. It being a thinly traded stock makes sense. I’ll try buying in small chunks as well to see if it’ll go through.

Thanks both. :+1:

Does anyone else get triggered buys that use exactly 90% of the reserved cash?
reserve £500 - buys £450
reserve £250 - buys £225