Can I use a Freetrade ISA & Basic account (GIA) at the same time?

(Louis emina) #1

Hey guys if I open a freetrade isa do I loose my normal investment account or do I have 2 accounts running simultaneously? The reason I ask is because Iam wrecking my head trying to figure out how to properly invest for my children. Because my kids are too young to open their own account I would love to put part of their savings ,Xmas money, birthday money into dividend paying shares but wouldn’t interfere with my personal investments. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I know there are jisa’s out there but I assume you can’t pick and choose what stock to purchase eg coke, McDonald’s,Apple etc.

(Emma (#20 😎)) #2

Account switching is being tested and once that’s available for all you’ll be able to have both.

(Vladislav Kozub) #3

You can also have a look at the feedback testers have provided in the dedicated topic :slight_smile:

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A JISA account from a trading platform will be like their ISA account. You do indeed pick what you want to invest.

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(Louis emina) #5

When I go to open the isa it tells me to sell everything in my gia! Which tells me I can’t have both!

(Emma (#20 😎)) #6

Nope, not yet which is why it’s being tested with some volunteers at the moment, and the topic Vlad linked to is the feedback from those testers