Can’t find the W-8BEN form

Have been told not to worry…

Doesn’t feel me with much confidence, would now like affirmation that they have actually got my W-8BEN

Thanks for confirming. What counts as recently? I signed mine back in Dec 2019. I got the email but still can’t see the form.

Also the same problem. Reinstalled the app, no changes.

@Kr1tya3 Freetrade have confirmed that the notification went out by mistake to too many customers.
I think the form is valid for 3 years before needing to be submitted again.

Hi everyone

Our apologies again for the message earlier which was sent in error.

You should have received a follow-up message, and we wanted to also let people know on Twitter, too, as we had a lot of inbound messages on there.

We are investigating and resolving the issue.