Cannabis stocks have arrived 🌱

Looks like GW Pharmaceuticals is only available in basic account and not ISA

Shame we missed the spike for Aurora :cry:

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Any thoughts on Canopy Growth?

I don’t know much about this industry maybe someone could fill me in. I read that Canada hadn’t given out enough licenses and weed was so expensive that most were still buying from illegal dealers. Is that going to change? I feel like if Trudeau loses to some conservative who bans it again, the stock would disappear.

Been waiting for this, very exciting update!

There’s a good article in today’s guardian about Artemis buying a UK medical facility to fill their cannabis orders

Reveals quite a bit about the current state of the cannabis market, at least it was new to me

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I’m looking into Aphria at the moment :thinking: I’ve been turned off the others by their balance sheets.

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Good news for many :+1: let’s hope they hit new ‘highs’.


Just out of interest… Why is GW Pharma not available in the ISA?

It’s because it’s technically an ADR… which is bizarre as the company is a UK plc that used to be listed on AIM. But they simplified their listing to NASDAQ only and here we are. Regulatory rules are often like code, unintended bugs come up.


Hi Guys, i recently created a video on Youtube talking through each new cannabis stock added, hopefully some of you find it helpful/useful.


Better late than never! Shame all these stocks couldn’t be on Freetrade when they all IPO’d as we missed out on the massive early gains :joy: now it’s just a matter of figuring out which one to back for future…

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yeah, i hope a hype has more than one wave :smiley: and we see another wave of gains for pod stocks when the industry matures across the globe :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not something i’ll be investing in I don’t think.

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Also look at this CBDX the first & only pure Cannabis related UCITS ETF.

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Any chance of Planet 13 being added in the future?

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Assume this was sarcastic…

Or if Biden gets elected…

What makes you think that? Pretty much all (if not all) of the weed stocks shot up massively when they IPO’D. It’s something I expected to happen, but as Freetrade is the only proper platform I use I missed out on those quick gains (have now opened a Trading212 account for the free share but it’s to be seen whether I’ll actually use it).

As for which one to look at for future growth that I’m not sure as about.

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