Can you please add the top US cannabis stocks and ETFs?

Seems consistently we get more approval in states, still hurdles to overcome, but buying in now could be extremely profitable as soon as institutional investors come onboard.

Example stock would be Green Thumb.


Agreed, would like to see Weedmaps, newly merged with SPAC Silver Spike $SSPK please.


Bump for $SSPK

You may or may not be aware but it is illegal to invest in any cannabis company involved in the rec side in the UK and a lot of europe. medical only is fine. People use the london listed CBDX/CBDP as it only invests in cannabis stocks that are legal in the UK ie medical. They took out nameste out of the index when it diversified into rec as well as medical. in theory if you invest in a rec stock you should contact the national crime (NCA) agency to report it.


I think MSOS also invests in Rec as well so that would be illegal as well