Canoo 🪫🚐 - GOEV

Thanks for letting us know - appreciated. Better than sitting here waiting for it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the transparency Sam I really appreciate it.

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Is the merged one available now? GOEV?

@Freetrade_Team the broker shouldn’t have an issue now the merger has been approved has a new ticket symbol GOEV? Hopefully this can happen before Christmas :pray:t5::pray:t5:


That is what I was thinking.

@Freetrade_Team - is this now possible as it is a normal stock now?

Any update on this please, it’s dipped at a great price and we’ve been waiting for a few months now. GOEV common please

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Even better price now …

Going to use a strong word here… but it’s scandalous that this still isn’t on FT.

Loads of SPACs being added, but this one - which isn’t even a SPAC anymore - is still yet to be added.

I acknowledge that it has been Xmas and FT is still relatively new, but FT need to keep one eye on what competitors offer vs existing plans.

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Bump - lets get this baby on FT

Merging with Canoo

Bumping this - another ev train coming through

HCAC Hennessy capital acquisition

The information is too little.


Spacs are generally not on here and I have to buy on T212 but I don’t want to transfer my money across back and forth

Charge point is a spac

Bumping this one up.

HCAC is merging with this EV Company Canoo

It’s a subscription based car service, really innovative design and great management team of ex BMW/Tesla and others.

There’s a few SPAC’s on freetrade, would love to get this in the ISA.

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Is this going to be added? Waiting for it to be

I couldn’t tolerate it, I just skipped through it. If this thing gets built and goes mainstream then I will be amazed.

Do a shot every time they barf some platitude. You’ll be in a coma before the video is half way done.


Haha - I got the same impression.

These startup company/product profile videos epitomise ‘All aboard the hype train’.

All fancy marketing, no fancy product.

Apparently, Apple met with Canoo earlier in the year - probably to see what they could offer for the Apple Car - and they just walked away… absolutely no interest. The Canoo value proposition clearly mustn’t be that compelling.


But that’s not what happened at all? Apple wanted to acquire them, Canoo wanted investment.