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Life moves pretty fast:


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Judging whether this sell-off is an overreaction demands answers to two key questions: how long it will take for coronavirus to be brought under control, and what will be left of the industry when that moment comes. Until that becomes clear there is no possibility of anchoring forecasts and calculating future values. Investing becomes gambling. And, as this week’s record-breaking falls show, most investors are reluctant gamblers.

The viral outbreak has become an existential crisis for the industry. Carnival’s competitors have fared even worse so far this year, with Wall Street-listed Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean each down about 80 per cent.


Aged like milk. Written on 20th feb, a month later it’s down 65%.

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Know a few people were positive on CCL after buying last week and seeing it rise to ~£12. Had a look today and it’s back under £9. Did anyone manage to sell in time to keep their gains?

I’ve decided to risk them today at £8.80ish

I see it as a long term investment. May take a few years to get back towards the high point but I’m happy to wait.


brave you! I will wait for them to be able to survive

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I’m hoping that fortune favours the brave. Time will tell if it was brave or stupid I guess.


Shares in Carnival rose 10 per cent on news of the potential financing. Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are leading it, with all three of the US banks also among a wider group of lenders backing a $3bn revolving-credit facility that Carnival drew down earlier this month.

Expensive funding:

The world’s largest cruise operator said on Tuesday it intended to raise at least $3bn of three-year bonds secured on part of its fleet of cruise ships, $1.75bn of bonds that can convert into shares and $1.25bn in newly issued stock.

Several investors said Carnival had indicated it might pay a coupon of above 12 per cent on the senior secured bonds, an incredibly high interest rate for a company that still has an investment-grade rating.

Carnival’s US-listed shares have lost about three-quarters of their value this year, as it reels from the impact of coronavirus on its business.

It is interesting to see a mature business, not a startup, in intense fundraising mode. They have changed their focus to bonds (debt), not equities during this drive.

  • They will now issue 62.5m shares at $8 per share, total value of $500m, down from $1.25bn they previously announced.
  • They priced $4 billion in bonds maturing in 2023 - upsized from the $3 billion originally planned - with a yield at par value of 11.5%
  • The final tranche of the fundraising plan is kept at $1.75bn in three-year bonds that can be converted into shares (so-called convertible bonds). These bonds will have a 5.75% coupon. Beats the rate of your Marcus account, but keep in mind it’s a lot riskier and you can lose your capital.


This would make Saudi Arabia one of Carnival’s largest shareholders.

Public Investment disclosed that it owns 43.5 million Carnival shares (ticker: CCL) as of Monday in a form filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The fund’s investment amounts to an 8.2% stake in the cruise line. It is now Carnival’s third-largest shareholder, according to S&P Capital IQ.

from Barons: Saudi Arabia Bought a Huge Stake in Carnival.

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Hi, First Question here as a relative newbie. I have on question on CCL be interested to hear feedback.
I have an amount of money that i dont need until this time next year, and was thinking of putting into CCL Stocks with the idea of doubling my money.
So Simple question, do you think the CCL stock will double from where it is now by say February 2021?

Spread that money over 3 or 4 sectors.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Have to agree with @Foodman. Given the current uncertainty around the world nothing is a given, but by considering a spread across 3 or 4 others you have a potential to protect the potential “doubling” somewhat.
Out of interest what led you to choosing CCL out of interest against any other on Freetrade?
best wishes,

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You can not ever (…and I will repeat) you can not ever put money into a stock in the hope that it will double the following year. How do you know that right now the stock has hit the bottom and it’s only upside from here? Impossible.

Stocks & Shares minimum investment timeframe = 5+ years. If not longer.


Hi, I do have other investments, this was more about a one off trade. There is no doubt that travel and cruise lines have been hit hard but there is no doubt they will bounce back. I am not trying to get back up to previous levels, but with such a high drop i am hoping they will at least double over the next 10-12 months (which would still be less than half their previous high)
so its more about peoples opinions on if they think this is possible?