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Record levels of debt…


$36 billion debt and they missed there targets by a big margin. This will be the next Cineworld.

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Can we keep this thread to share chat and not how you get on board credit?

The massive bests are a concern, especially given the rising interest rates mean refinancing the current notes will be expensive. I’m not looking at investing at the current levels & the global economic output

The difference, as I see it, from Cineworld is that Carnival are price makers, not price takers & they aren’t beholden to anyone like a film studios.


Demand for cruising certainly seems to be plentiful, having recently returned from a P&O cruise.


Hello. Did this work? I’ve just bought some carnival shares but thought I might need a certificate. Thanks

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It certainly did: I gave them:

Date | Ship | Cruise# | Booking Ref | Cabin# | Nights Booked | My Full Name

I also included screenshots of My FreeTrade Account Portfolio, Recent Activity, FreeTrade Account details, plus my last five trades which = 100+ shares.

All my cruises had OBC applied within 2 weeks.

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Hi Kevin - did you get your OBC credit? Mine happened within s week !

Yep, all three cruises. No problems at all.

On board credit is one of the perks! Its free money!