Cash settlement period

What’s the longest anyone’s waited for cash to settle?

3.5 days here and still waiting.

The market standard is T+3 for US stocks so that’s not shocking.


4 days to ‘‘settle’’ then another 3 - 5 days to actually withdraw.

That’s pretty shocking to be fair.

Not really, it’s industry standard.

I have an account with IG and it’s T+2* for UK stocks and T+3* for US stocks.

*working days so weekends and bank holidays don’t count

And withdrawal is 2-5 days.

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To some people this will still be deemed a Freetrade specific issue. :man_shrugging:

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They’ve got instant deposit working in the last day or two so you’d hope withdrawals will be faster soon.

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If by ‘‘deposits’’ you mean ‘‘Top-ups’’ then mine have always been instant…I don’t predict them being in any hurry to make withdrawals as quick any time soon…Industry standard or otherwise…I remain hopeful too though.


Withdrawal time hasn’t changed. Still 3-5. So potentially can take nearly 2 weeks from selling, settlement to withdrawal.

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