Why is my settlement taking so long. I sold my stock on the 5th of November (nearly two weeks ago)

You’ll probably get help quicker if you email

That seems odd, should take that long.

It is odd. Any idea why or how I can solve it?

This feels like something has gone wrong or there is / was a specific issue with the stock you traded. Out of interest which one did you sell that hasn’t settled?

I sold trainline

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What do you suggest I do because I really need the money?

Have you messaged the team?

Hey Callum :wave:

Whilst settlement typically happens a couple of days after an order executing, it can take longer in some instances. The length of time you’ve experienced doesn’t seem right though. Please drop our Customer Service team a message at so we can get this looked into for you. :pray:

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Hey Meghan

I have already sent them an email and they are looking into it


Hi, sorry for the old thread but I am struggling to find similar problems to mine.
My query has just been moved to the super generic one and will likely get buried.
What was the resolution for yours?

No it won’t. Also posting the same issue on multiple topics won’t resolve your account issues any faster. The only way your account problem will be solved is by contacting the Customer team at (or using the in-app chat facility if your subscription level allows it).

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