Ca't you buy whole shares of US Stocks

Hi Everyone

i am relatively new to Freedtrade, i have had the app for some time but only recently started using it to invest. One thing i am not clear on is that when i try and buy a US stock, say for example Amazon i cannot select the number of fractional shares that i want to buy, it has to be a cash value. Is this right? On my trading 212 account i have both options, either to select a cash value or a value of shares. What happens if i want to buy exaclt yone share of Disney, when i try and do this in the app it does not give an option to select the number of shares. AM i missing something? Thankyou

Hi, no you are not missing anything you can only select the cash value, not the share amount. What I do is have a small cash balance, it then lets you put the figure in and tells you how many shares you will get, so you can work it out. If you have no cash in the account it displays slightly differently from memory.

If you have plus then limit orders will only execute whole shares, still need to put a cash value in above the share but you won’t get a fractional share, just. A whole share and whatever money wasn’t needed back.