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New to the forum so apologies if I’m meant to post this elsewhere but the only other Lon:CBX chat I could find started in February and I couldn’t find a way to sort chat within a subject by most recent…

To the point. I just watched CEO Alexis Abraham’s you tube fluff piece on the ‘exciting new deal’ to diversify early into CBG. I have a naturally cynical mind, but here’s what I think I heard:

  • CBD / Skincare launch is delayed to December (pretty sure it was slated for September initially)
  • Diversification into CBG is a recent decision that was originally planned for a year’s time minimum. Reasons for the early jump aren’t clear
  • No ‘traditional’ retail outlets have been identified for the December launch so the tactic has switched (or maybe just solidified) on direct-to-customer.

I was struggling to see any good news in the announcement and the market would seem to agree. I’m a very amateur investor though, so would welcome any alternative analysis or criticism of my cynical view!

Ps. Perhaps worth noting that I bought in (very small) at IPO with these so already know they are a loser or at best a long term risky gamble. I’ve stayed in out of interest and because the level of my investment isn’t important to me, so I’m following as a curiosity.

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