Changing holdings to different broker

Hi there, hope someone from the freetrade team can help out here.

Is it possible to transfer some of my freetrade holdings to another broker, like schwab? And vice-versa?

Thank you

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Freetrade only do transfers in, not out.


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FT allow in-specie transfers in?

If so, the system should allow in-specie transfers out. I think that that is how it works.

Technically yes, but literally no in this case I’m afraid.

Technically yes, they allow in-specie transfers in but in practice they don’t? Is that what you mean?

Or technically yes, any system accepting in-specie transfers should also accept in-specie outflows but in this case it does not?

Sorry I should have been clearer. The second option. Freetrade does allow in specie transfers in but does not currently offer them out.

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Hi :wave:

We currently support transfers in and out of Freetrade for ISAs but not yet for GIAs.

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Even for US stocks if held in DTC?

Not right now, but it’s also on our list for the future.

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Does that include in-specie ISA transfers both in and out? Thanks

I think the answer is no
It was just unclear

probably best not described as a ‘SOLUTION’

Especially since transfers in are also compromised by the restricted universe

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Funny, my interpretation was that it’s yes, but I was asking for explicit confirmation from @RenataL if in specie transfers are supported both in and out!

The ISA Transfer FAQ says:
Can I transfer my existing stocks, or do I have to sell them and transfer cash?
If the stocks in your existing ISA are in our universe, you can transfer them without selling. If not, you’ll need to sell them for cash. Then that cash can move over too in the same transfer.

This still doesn’t fully answer the question if DTC stocks aren’t included… I’m confused!

@RenataL @Viktor @sampoullain
Hi, please could we get clarification if you currently support in-specie ISA transfers both in and out? And are their any limitations?