Chinese stocks march 2022

Hey Guys, ive been looking at afew chinese stocks as they have crashed, luckily didnt buy before but now that china seems to have back tracked a bit on their crack down, the stocks have all bounced a little this week.
However, i am still wary of buying into them but also worry that if i dont, it will be a huge mistake if they keep rebounding and companies like alibaba go back to pre crash prices.
I nearly lost some on Evraz, so dont want to do the same on these, so what is everyones opinions on things like delisting of chinese shares and whether the bounce could be permanant etc
Inknow its all conjecture, but just wanted to know your views.

Ps, the reason i didnt put this on any other “china stock” comment boards is that the ones i looked at were all outdated or about other issues.

To be honest, I think they are more trouble & worry than they are potentially worth (Chinese Stocks).

Any more mention of ‘Crack Downs/Regulations’ will see a sell off … Not to mention the ties with Russia… :scream:

Yes they have had a little bounce on the back of the news. But most stocks are still down 50% or more YOY despite the bounce.

I’m bag holding 2 Chinese single stocks which I’ll be glad to see the back off (someday!).

I did however DCA down into my 2 China exposed ETFs, but think it’ll be a long volatile road ahead before I see returns.

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