Qudian (QD)

Qudian Inc. please add this :blush:


Just looked them up, and they have a price to book (PB) ratio of about 0.3 currently. Can’t decide whether this is a value opportunity or a value trap however!

This has been added now! Thanks Freetrade :slightly_smiling_face:

Decided to start a small position and add to it whilst I monitor every few months or so.

Anybody else out there with an interest in this company?

However, its shares tumbled from an IPO price of $24.9 to just about $1.50 in May 2020 as the Chinese government cracked down on micro-lending. :see_no_evil:

Got to say I am very wary of any of these wonga style companies.

I’m interested in Qudian for the following reasons

The company is valued at $18.17 which is about 88% undervalued.

Balance sheet looks good. Short term asset far exceeds long term asset.

Microloans seems to be an industry that has the potential to grow because the Chinese economy is moving towards consumer based. The proportion of middle class people is the highest in the world.

I want to get more exposure to China since the US and the UK market seems too volatile, as evidenced by the GameStop debacle and the bit coin “crash”.

Looking forward to see how this stock plays out five years from now.

What do everyone thinks?


fintech in china seems like a no brainer… but i also no almost nothing about china and leave it up to trusts with their hands in good chinese companies.

I think we’d be foolish not to look towards china, but its picking out the good from the bad. Peaked my interest though, maybe will dig into this stock at some point.